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Clouds Are Chained to the Sky


Andro Eradze

photo, Installation view
Just, Germany

The place where the time changes its rules and space is just an imitation. The series of work explores the ideas of the fake and the real and the relationship between them. Here everything which is real becomes conditional and the conditional resembles the real. The series redefines the idea of a utopia and its representation as an image. It creates an illusion of natural dynamics and rhythm in the composition. This all creates a certain confusion for the assumption of what exactly is shown in the picture. The image is not graspable at once. The installation is placed in the space where it does not belong, in order to reinterpret the idea of a museum. This counterpoint provides communication between the viewer and the image. The exploration leads to the existential questions of life and death. Once the island was known for the variety of birds it inhabited. Due to the climatic changes, the birds no longer live on the island. They can now only be seen as stuffed dummies in the local museum. They resemble the old glory of the island. The images show the stuffed birds by the wallpaper depicting the blue sky. The images of the fake birds, under the fake sky, are presented by the real ocean on the real ocean shore on the same island they once belonged to. The works speak about the illusory character of utopian ideas, which resemble reality, but often stay as a mimicry only.

The project was made in the frames of Design Your Utopia project held at the Just island, Germany.