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Stick to Your Guns


Andro Eradze

video installation
… And We Came Out To See Once More The Stars, insllation view from TPMM exhibition, 2018

“Stick to your guns” is a three-channel video installation that was originally done for the “war on hold” show during the first Tbilisi Art Fair, the show was focused on the post-war period through the perspective of young artists and around the concept of the peace and its temporality.

Work is concentrated to visualize the different points of view around traumatic experience from historical per- spective to the private perception of it. The piece is orientated through the concept of the door as a metaphor for isolation rather than connection between two sites, door is manifested more as a static surface which goes far away from its origin and is more linked to the idea of the wall. Films are attempt to create feature and absurd narrative around communication, dialogue and its complexity or absence, the first video includes performance that becomes never ending scene of somebody knocking on the door and never going inside, in the second part you could see perspective from the other side of the door, the third channel is something that could happen between two sides of the door but in the end there is nothing to observe, so in this manner whole installation becomes suspicious and requires development of the scenario which never happens and it's looped over and over again.

“Stick to your guns” stands for several perspectives that could arise during and after war in different cultures and nationalities within different views on it, it gives a chance to the spectator for visualising both sides as a variety of positions that also the biggest lie could be the truth spoken in a circumstances where it is impossible to understand or perceive it and vice versa.

Coincidently the three colours of the videos are repeating the KGB ( security agency from Soviet Era) colors which stand for Red, Blue, White.