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Nino Mgaloblishvili

Doctor of Cultural Studies, Professor at the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts; Head of the Direction of Fashion Design.Member of the Editorial Board of the scientific periodical – International Journal “Euro-American Scientific Cooperation” – published in Hamilton, Canada.Member of the Editorial Board of the International Conference “Sharing the Results of Research Towards Closer Global Convergence of Scientists” held in Montreal. The author of the first concept of design-education in post-Soviet Georgia. Authored a number of scientific and general educational publications on the fashion process in post-Soviet Georgia. Her works focus on the theoretical study of fashion as a complex social and cultural phenomenon, based on the facts and examples from the Georgian socio-cultural reality, considered within the general context of fashion theory. Thus, has prepared the new stage in the interpretation of the future systematic and fundamental study of post-Soviet clothing consumption.Is engaged in systematic work on curriculum updates, developing interdisciplinary programs and courses focused on tailoring the training of designers to meet the needs of today’s fashion market. Author and manager of educational-creative projects.Design Platform for Teaching Informal Educational Market Relationships / Alternative Discourse; Founder, Mediator Engaged in collaboration with successful designers representing the fashion business community, within the framework of the project “Alternative Discourse”. Trainer at international and local training sessions and master classes. Participant in a number of personal and group exhibitions.