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Picnic (collaboration with COPYPASTE)


Tezi Gabunia

mixed media installation
Artisterium, Tbilisi History Museum

PICNIC is an installation, which represents two identical copies of a random situation like a Picnic. The installation carries two main codes: of copying and randomness, of industry and individual. It should be noted that the case of PICNIC has an important distinctive feature comparing to copypaste ‘s previous installation. Given the fact that, randomly created and elusive for copying composition is taken (The composition does not subordinate to molding or any other industrial production, a culture doesn’t have a sort of interest towards it) and after that it is proceeded in computer tool (Ctrl C, Ctrl V) An intriguing part of the product is that the cyber language appears in the human reality. The copying process of PICNIC is different from the copying triggered by Gutenberg (where the typing machine is considered as the first source of duplicate edition), where only industrial forms were eligible for massive edition.

Worked on the project:


Tezi Gabunia, Vano Ksnelashvili, Davit Tsanava, Nika Maisuradze, Oto Shengelia.

Text: Mariam Nadareishvili

Photography: CopyPaste

Artisterium 8/2015 "What's on your mind?"