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If the mountain won't come to Muhammad.. (view of the installation, Munich)


Tornike Robakidze

Mixed media

An installation by the young Georgian artist Tornike Robaqidze, brings Tbilisi to Munich and reacts to a personal nostalgia that is also universal and more difficult to resolve in this time of pandemic. Homesickness!

 The title of the installation refers to a metaphor that describes a state in which circumstances challenge us to alternative actions.

The installation includes a photo of the artist's text work ( "Among the birds in the sky, there is no human being just love") which is set in the landscape of Tbilisi, as well as a video work, which takes up the theme of memory colored by distance and time.

Curator Tinatin Ghughunishvili

TGB ART PROJECTS, If the mountain won't come to Muhammad..., 2020