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The Memorial of the Patriots shot in 1923


Vladimer (Valo) Imerlishvili

Stone, metal, vocal effects
Vake Park, Tbilisi, Georgia

Valo Imerlishvili was one of the first to start installing stone and metal installations in urban areas. He disintegrates the three-dimensional volume of the working material as constituent components, for example: the Memorial of the Patriots shot in 1923 in Tbilisi (2018). It is clear that the young artist has the ability to obey not only space but also time. He began liberalizing public spaces, such as the "Uncut Tree (Transformation)" and project "The Intervention of Generalized Figures in Urban Space (2019). His works become the art of public space and are focused on the involvement of society and participation. At a next stage, his small generalized objects or digital graphics become the carriers not only of the aesthetic code, but also of critical messages.

Vladimer (Valo) Imerlishvili, Blog of Alexanda Gabunia, 2020