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2021 Edition of the Project is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth of Georgia

Not So Far (collaboration with Keta Gavasheli)


Andria Dolidze

neon sculpture
Exhibition: Till You Get Your Powers Back, 4710 Gallery, Tbilisi, Georgia

A floating neon sculpture or a human-cyborg from the future is a fragment of the author’s imagination, piercing through space and time like a ray of light.The ever-changing light is the key element of the piece. Thanks to the film-covered lighting fixtures and natural light pouring in from the window, the overall mood shifts throughout the day. The artificial lights signify the sleepy, hypnotic, quicksand-like state that we frequent so regularly.Sound installations (see attached), created in collaboration with Jonas Landwehr & Shota Jincharadze, also play a big part in creating the overall ambiance. Along with electronic music, we hear one of the authors repeat “strong, so strong…”, hinting at the strength of our deeply held beliefs.The exhibition revolves around the question of whether it is even possible to gather the strength to overcome the illusory constructs and convictions deep within ourselves. Do we even need to wake up, and whether it is even an option to be aware of the transition from one state to another.