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2021 Edition of the Project is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth of Georgia

"8 Minutes"


Within the frames of the festival, Tbilisi History Museum will host the exhibition of Keti Kapanadze's artworks "8 Minutes".

Keti Kapanadze graduated from the Tbilisi State Academy of Arts in 1990. She was the co-author of the first contemporary art-magazine "Signal" in Tbilisi.

Keti Kapanadze participated in various exhibitions: Ludwig Museum, Germany; Zimmerli Art Museum, USA; Hamburg National Gallery and many more. 80's is the beginning of her creative life; she was the first female artist who started to work on conceptual photography in Georgia.

The project "8 minutes" enhances the artist's question - Who are we and where do we come from - this question is not related to our history or genetics, it relates to the Earth, the Sun and the galaxy.

For the artist, the greatest mystery is the process of producing a word - its origins and ways of reflection in our consciousness.  How does the phonetic frequency take the form of the word? What is the world itself? How does it describe the meaning and how does it become its own symbol? The symbol is the same as code, and the code can create geometric or other structures. We often hear that the information is energy, is the word energy or it only describes it? It's impossible to answer these questions definitely because our consciousness is like a flower, which never fully blossoms. In her works, the author focuses on the individual. This form turns into Keti Kapanadze's conceptual method where photography becomes the way of expression.

The exhibition is implemented within the project "Contemporary Art Gallery".