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2021 Edition of the Project is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Youth of Georgia



New exhibition sponsored by Contemporary Art Space Batumi – POWERPUFF GIRLS from April 15 to May 5 

9 Girls dissimilar visions and ways of expression - the exhibition, as a result of joint work and the works expressive strength of their individuality. They are united by a single message - a woman alone can show her possibilities through a variety of media. 

POWERPUFF GIRLS - They are on the same course in visual art and design school of Free University and have made an independent exhibition. "Despite the fact that from the beginning common space has united us and our works are not designed for one specific topic or concept - this exhibition finally formed a kind of feministic statement. We prove that all of us have a special vision, style, which can be considered as our strength. Force, which really transforms us as POWERPUFF GIRL-s. This exhibition is the kind of statement that we really are POWERPUFF GIRLS "- say the artists. 

Artists: Ana Jibladze, Anastasia Akhvlediani, Salome Potskhverashvili, Salome Japaridze, Mako Krikheli, Sopo Jakeli, Ano Jishkariani, Tika Shelia, Mariam Tsalani.

Curators: Anastasia Akhvlediani, Ano Jishkariani.

Exhibition opening: April 15 - 18:00 PM 

Closing: May 5 - 18:00 PM