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Danarti is an indepnedent, interdisciplinary series of publications. Each issue gathers commissioned works by artists and scholars working in various fields around one subject at a time. Danarti also involves reprinting and translating of classical works. Each issue includes a print, a re-print or a work by a commissioned artist.

Danarti translates as 'enclosure' in Georgian and it 'comes enclosed' as a textual response to a theme of interest, which often has a form of an exhibition or other research-based project. Following the traditions of a Samizdat - a self-published Zine popular in USSR - Danarti defines its way of working as irregular and independent.

Founded in 2011 by Elene Abashidze, Ana Chorgolashvili and Natuta Bagrationi, Danarti came into life again in 2015 with a new issue edited by Iru Djordjadze - Danarti's new member. Since November 2016 Danarti is online and operates both as online and a printed matter.